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Tigh Loughhead Public Speaking

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Daniel Yamoah, Rentboost and Salesforce MVP Tigh Loughhead and Denis Hoogweg speaking about AI and B2BMarketing at DF19
All photo credits go to Clementina Angelino
 If you didn't get a chance to check out the first of my two sessions (titled: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Your B2B Marketing Strategy") at Dreamforce, the video is now up on the Salesforce website!  https://www.salesforce.com/video/7837340/

Salesforce MVP Tigh Loughhead speaking at Dreamforce 2019 on "The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Your B2B Marketing Strategy"
Daniel Yamoah kicked off the show talking about some of the trends he's seeing in B2B Marketing, and how marketers perceive artificial intelligence as having the highest impact on marketing strategy over the coming years.
Daniel is actually writing his masters thesis in London on this subject, and he cited several stats from scholarly sources.
 I jumped into to talk about the pervasiveness of AI, and how I didn't really believe in the notion of "artificial" intelligence just yet, but mused that we are more and more "assisted" by intelligence at home and at work, with things like "next best action."
 I then talked about my own experience with Salesforce and Pardot Einstein, and why any business would consider implementing artificial intelligence tools.
 "Fundamentally, we need to be smarter about our business..." in this day and age.
 The session was packed for 8:30am in the morning, and likely the first session for the well over 50 seats at the campfire theater... there were probably closer to about 150 attendees! 
 I then went on to talk about specific problems I was trying to solve with AI and Salesforce, namely looking for "more insight into my pipeline, more data from my salespeople, and the ability to recognize trends that resulted in successful deals," something that I spoke about at an Executive Campfire last year.
 I then went on to share how after implementing AI, some of my salespeople saved up to half an hour per day segmenting lead,
 but even more impressively, an inside sales team I helped build achieved a 50% better connection rate in segments of leads that they wouldn't have even been able to identify without Pardot Einstein.
 Then, with Denis Hoogweg driving,
 I demoed how to qualify leads using "fit" and "intent" data from Pardot Einstein from a marketer's and a salesperson's perspective,
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 in terms of how they would prospect leads on a daily basis.
If you are interested in watching the video, check out the recording on the Dreamforce website

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