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 I've had my head down for the last couple months, and not just because of the pandemic.  I've been ramping for my most prestigious Salesforce Certification yet: Trailhead Academy instructor.  

Tigh Loughhead is a Salesforce Certified Trailhead Academy Instructor

Yes... there only a couple hundred Salesforce MVPs, and only a few 2020 Marketing Champions, but I feel like I needed to work harder on gaining my elite "Instructor" certification than either of the other two recognitions, as this job actually pays.  (And yes.... I have been going around glibly telling people that Salesforce is FINALLY paying me for some of the work that I do).  I guess there only a few hundred Salesforce Instructors as well, and only a handful that know Pardot. 

The first class that I'll be teaching is PDX101: Essentials of Pardot Lightning App for Digital Marketers.  The challenge is not my product knowledge- I can confidently say I know the Pardot platform better than most- the real difficulty was learning a story that is not my own (someone else's course), and the ability to communicate fluently and effectively whilst managing a class.  

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