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 I finished my second round volunteering for Trailblazer Mentorship, and just found out one of my latest mentees just got a job! Trailblazer Mentorship an incredible program that Salesforce offers matching established members of the Salesforce ecosystem (I guess like me...) with prospective job seekers. 

Tigh Loughhead is a Trailblazer Mentor and Salesforce MVP
Though I won't publish her name (and I can't take that much credit), it's an incredible experience to be part of the journey, and "send the elevator back down" as Chief Philanthropy Officer Ebony Beckwith likes to say. 

The program begins by articulating and then aligning around goals, coaching through advice and offering experiences that might help along the journey.  We then review the mentee's resume, and conduct some job interview role play.   All of this can be a little uncomfortable, but so is finding a job, and I'm happy to help where I can. 

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