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Salesforce MVP Tigh Loughhead completes #100DaysofTrailhead, one hundred Trailhead badges for 100 straight days!!

Last week, after literally months of logging into Trailhead every day, I (just about) completed a hundred consecutive days of earning a single badge per day.  Since January 1st, 2020, I've earned 144 badges, completed four quests (winning a Patagonia jacket in the process), earned a Salesforce Certification and a Trailhead Superbadge.

(Full disclosure, I fell asleep after a heavy-duty Passover meal over Zoom, and embarrassingly didnt't wake up to get a badge on day 99.... ugh...) 

However, over the past weekend, I've been reminiscing about why started this undertaking back in 2019 in the first place, and what Trailblazers can really get out of the Trailhead platform.  I've been involved in the Salesforce ecosystem for a long time now,  but even though I've been a Salesforce MVP for three years now, there is so much I don't know about commerce cloud, Mulesoft, the Non-Profit Success Pack or any of the industry-specific clouds (Healthcare Cloud, FSC, etc).

But beyond just learning more about the platform, I've realized that Trailhead has so much more to offer than just Salesforce knowledge.  If you work in the Salesforce world, Trailblazer.me is quickly becoming a virtual digital resume, showcasing not only hard credentials like certifications, but coursework and areas of interest studied in Trailhead.   In the Salesforce career world, I can already see that this is going to become more and more important to recruiters and employers.  Finally, though it certainly takes a good deal of discipline, Trailhead is fun, with gamified badges to earn, Trailhead Leaderboards to top, and prizes to win.

So I think I'm going to keep this run going, and try to keep up this challenge as long as I can.  Check back with me in another 100 days...


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