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I've been studying on and off of for the past year, though getting my business up and running has taken A TON of effort an attention.
Tigh Loughhead Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant and Salesforce MVP
But over the holidays, I decided to buckle down and study up to pass my Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification.   

A few other Salesforce MVP's like Chris Zullo and Eliot Harper had given me some great resources and tips, but the best place to get started is on Trailhead itself with the official Certification Requirements. There are a number of great trails, including several great Trailmixes.   

There are also a few decent study guides from Ben Edward and Chris Gardner  SalesforceBen's guide is incredibly comprehensive,  but I don't think it has been updated in 3 1/2 years. 

The  best resource I found was actually a paid course from SFDCFanboy.com's Manish Thaduri on Udemy.  The course only cost $10, and was worth every penny. 

And so I took the Certification test this morning and passed with flying colors! 

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